Ceramic Coatings

Now available from Marianetti Motors: Ceramic Coatings. 
Making sure your beautiful car stays that way is always a concern for those that take motoring seriously. The paint, the shine, the presence is all part of the emotion we gravitate to on our cars.  When thinking about the protection of your car, Ceramic Coatings truly provides the protection one desires. Use it to ensure a great shine, ease of cleaning and protection from debris and the harsh elements of our Canadian climate, while greatly extending the life of your special vehicle’s finish.

More important than the coating itself, is the paint correction process carried out before application. At MMI we only deal with the best and our in house detailer Tony Marianetti has over 20 years of experience bringing out glass-like shine to many finishes. His ability in the field is second to none. With the finish now better than new, it’s time to protect it. This is when the Ceramic Coatings goes on, sealing Tony’s impeccable work under an extra layer of protection. 

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